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Immune Modulators (I & II)
The remarkable achievement of cutting-edge microbiological science.

Lotus Apothecary Project Alleviate is an international biotechnology institute manufacturing advanced medicines designed to treat the human immune system. We are dedicated to alleviate the suffering of mankind through cutting-edge microbiological science. It is our belief that the results of using these advanced pharmaceuticals will change our fundamental understanding of the importance of the body's natural immune system.

Years of research by leading virologists around the world has shown that many diseases are the result of a suppressed or over-stimulated immune system. While most immune treatments are antigen-specific, such as vaccines designed to create a positive immune response to a specific pathogen, our immune modulators are designed to create a non-specific response in the immune system so that it can provide an immediate defense against any pathogen that is affecting the immune system.

Our immune modulators (I & II) are based on inactivated and attenuated pox viruses combined with biologically active ingredients. These modulators regulate and restore the primitive intelligence of our immune cells so that they respond immediately when viruses or degenerated cells are detected. In over ten years of research, as well as in clinical studies, our immune modulators (I & II) have been shown to act as "Super-Antigens" and are highly effective in boosting the body's immune system against diseases related to bacterial, fungal and viral infections, cancers, hepatitis, and other immune deficiencies. In addition, our immune modulators are non-toxic and have no side effects.

Our new immune modulators (I & II) are currently being used and administered to patients in limited amounts under specific conditions according to the German Law of Pharmaceuticals (AMG). At this time, treatments are only available through the contractual medical facilities of Lotus Apothecary Project Alleviate in Munich, Germany.

















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