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Lotus Apothecary Project Alleviate

LAPA is located in Munich, Germany and this center is a GMP class advanced biotechnology production facility of LAPA. This institute is our principal research and manufacturing location as the company's R & D center in the world and the institute's initial focus is dedicated to highly advanced immune biology medicine research and development areas.

As our main R & D center in technologies and expertise, the company's goal is to provide leadership to immune-biotech industry to set the worldwide standards for next-generation products. As the center grows, it will impact the entire corporate product line, including immune related diseases such as cancer, viral vector vaccine, the new generation pain killer, and skin restoration products.

LAPA, GmbH has been formerly known as CliPhar Medica GmbH & Co. KG until the facility was merged to LAPA and the institute has developed primarily products based on viral vaccines and peptides as own developments. The company's paramunization preparation is a major step forward in biotechnology. Understanding
and expansion of current perceptions of "paramunity" and "innate" immune functions have become a vital progression for an evolving state of mammalian infection.

LAPA is looking forward to application and study of paramunization on both advanced animal and human diseases. Anticipation of the current immune situation will reduce the future impact on human suffering such as mad cow disease, avian flu, cancer, mercury diseases from fish, and sheep diseases.

LAPA also supports world-class research, active and solution-oriented biotech industry collaboration, intellectual property generation and revenue generating commercialization efforts. Supported both by industry partners and national laboratories, LAPA's research and development, in combination with new understandings of complex immune function may be a serious combatant for current and future immune complications. Additionally, LAPA shall offer custom development and custom manufacturing services both to pharmaceutical-medical institutions and individuals, as well.



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