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Immune Modulators( I & II)
- The remarkable achievement of cutting-edge microbiologi-
cal science

Our immune modulator promotes a para- or non-specific response in the immune system, allowing the primitive intelligence of the immune system to mount a defense against all invaders who would disrupt the body's metabolism. This means that it is not limited to working with the widely recognized antigen-specific functions of the immune system, as vaccines do. In this regard it is able to activate the entire immune system and restore pathologically elevated or suppressed immune parameters in the body.

This non-specific response promotes a more complete regulation of the entire immune system through a balanced activation of NK cells, macrophages, lymphocyte "killer cells", and most notably interaction with important cytokines like interferon and interleukin. This result does not influence other initially normal functions of regulation, despite continuous application.

AMG (German Drug Law) expressively allows a German physician to treat patients directly with drugs which he/she has manufactured. Lotus Apothecary Project Alleviate will place both its premises and affiliated rooms of the Institute of Natural Health Care at the disposal of selected experienced physicians who would like to manufacture (within legal contracts) their own drugs and apply them directly to their patients. Lotus Apothecary Project Alleviate has contracted such an agreement already. A common treatment study could be set up with interested physicians with the special permission of the German government.

Our Immune Modulators (I & II) are based on inactivated and attenuated parapox and avipox using live biological agents. Our advanced manufacturing process has resulted in the development of preparations consisting of LAPA 102103A and VPB 102013B, which are applied via injection. These biological medicines have been used successfully to treat patients with malignant melanomas, end-stage cancer pain, hepatitis C, and infections of unknown ideology. In addition, our immune modulators are well-tolerated by patients as they have no side effects.



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