Featured Artist:

Jacob Carlson

   Jacob Carlson was introduced to glass blowing over 15 years ago and it has been his passion ever since.  He began training in glass in the field of lampworking under the guidance of Panama Alberts.  During his apprenticeship with Panama, Jacob came across an advertisement for a hot glass-blowing class being offered at the Sierra Nevada College by traveling glass artists Ed Broadfield and Dawson Kellogg and promptly signed up for the course.  
     Jacob opened the doors to his own studio gallery in the fall of 2004, allowing himself the freedom to explore his imagination and creativity with glass. Jacob has found inspiration for his one of a kind glass creations in a variety of places, from the serene beauty and grace of the coral reefs to the awe inspiring landscapes of Lake Tahoe, from the high deserts of Nevada to the lush tropical rainforest of Costa Rica.  Elements of each have found their way into his glass interpretations of the infinite dance of universal creation.
     Four years after opening the doors of Jacob Carlson Art Glass, economic pressures created the opportunity to sell the studio to aspiring glass artist Ryan Adams who reopened the studio in Sparks, NV.
     Back in his home town of Reno after many years of wandering studies, Jacob Carlson is continuing his career in glass, working with founder/owner of Burnt Knuckle Glass, Ryan Adams, exploring and expanding the infinite expressions of glass.